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FNBvn - Marketing, Staffing, Branding Consultancy Cervices

Updated: Feb 20

FNBvn.Com has had the opportunity to partner with Co Hai Banh Mi - a famous culinary brand in Singapore, to provide marketing, staffing, and branding consultancy services. We are grateful that Co Hai Banh Mi has trusted us and together we have developed the brand. During our collaboration, we provided marketing support to enhance Co Hai Banh Mi's brand exposure. We advised the brand on effective marketing strategies, including social media activities, online advertising, and promotional campaigns. In addition, we also supported Co Hai Banh Mi in staff recruitment and building a quality team of employees. We provided optimal recruitment solutions and supported human resource management to ensure the effectiveness of employee operations. FNBvn.Com also played a branding consultancy role to help Co Hai Banh Mi create a strong and professional brand image in the market. We helped Co Hai Banh Mi create a comprehensive branding strategy, including brand name, slogan, logo, product design, and advertising. FNBvn.Com is a reliable partner in providing support solutions for food and beverage and entertainment businesses in Vietnam. We are committed to providing optimal services to help your business grow and succeed. Thank you Co Hai Banh Mi for partnering with us and we hope to continue to have the opportunity to collaborate in the future.

FNBvn.Com - Provide Marketing, Human Resources, Process and Setup Restaurant, Cafe

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